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 High Hills Pack

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PostSubject: High Hills Pack   April 7th 2011, 4:58 pm

Name: High Hills Pack

Sariya-Derek’s only sister
There are more but i am too lazy to post them so stick with these few.

Coat: Their coats vary in length, but because they live up in the mountainous area to the far north, it is usually very heavy.

Fur Color: Zeff-His fur is Pure white, amber eyes

Sariya-light gray with white patches, grey eyes

Kaplan-light brown and grey, yellow eyes

Torin-grey black and white, yellow eyes

Arkien-black with a white chest,black eyes

Ceara-black and brown-brown eyes

Lina-light tans, mostly white-Amber eyes

Ahna-White body grey paws, brown eyes

Weep-Black fur, Grey eyes

Acan-reddish brown fur-black eyes

Markings/Scars: They all bear scars of their long fighting history.

Build: Very muscular, there has not been a pack yet that has beat them.

Mate: Sariya is in love with Zeff though he does not share the feeling, she "knows" that some day he will feel the same.

Personality: Deadly, these are not wolves you want to meet in the forest and have a conversation with. They were breed for killing and that is all.

History: Derek's history

Weaknesses: Pride Goethe before the fall.

Strengths: Muscular and extremely good at fighting, had Derek stayed longer, he would have been just that much better at death.

Enemies: Everyone

Extras: Death to Derek and everyone else.

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PostSubject: Re: High Hills Pack   April 7th 2011, 7:41 pm

Nice. There's some rather important changes in Lav and Soli's bio, other than Lav being dead.


*GASP* A story? Do go on!!
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High Hills Pack
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